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Live courses are offered periodically throughout the year. Check out the home page and here for details of upcoming events.

Course Name Description Dates Location
Confined Space Awareness What is a confined space and what makes it dangerous? This course will show you how to question if something is a confined space and discuss general procedures for entry into those spaces.
Arc Flash Awareness What is an electrical arc flash? What hazards does working around live electrical equipment pose? This seminar will discuss how to identify general arc flash hazards and what procedures to follow to work safely around them.
Hazardous Spill Awareness What if you have or find spilled hazardous material? What are some general ways to clean up and mitigate the material. What types of things should you be concerned about for your health and the environment?
Lock out/Tag out Awareness How should you properly disable a machine or tool so you can perform maintenance such as cleaning? What types of bad things happen when people don’t do this? This seminar will discuss the general concepts of disabling a machine so it will not restart until you are ready.


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Safety Webinars - Hosted by COE Safety
Fall Protection - When your job takes you to the edge.OHS (Occupational Safety and Health) MagazineFall Protection_When your job takes you to the edge_OH&S_23May201905/26/19 12:00 pm Noon