Required Training

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Training Requirements Matrix

The following are training requirements by type of hazard shown in the COE Safety Training Matrix. Most engineering departments perform a variety of research activities and it is not deemed appropriate to require all researchers in a department to complete everything. So you need to complete training that applicable to the hazards you encounter in your activities. However, you are welcome to complete other training classes that you are interested in.



If you work with any of these hazardous materials then you need to request a CANVAS Non-Academic Course from Juanita Miller, COE Safety.

Safety Awareness Training Courses
Course NameCourse Description
Cryogenic Materials Safety AwarenessLiquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Dry Ice or other materials stored at very low temperature conditions
Lead Safety AwarenessLead based compounds other than batteries
Chromium Safety AwarnessChrome VI compounds
Hydrogen Gas SafetyHydrogen gas, even in dilute mixture with other gases. Material Safety as well as valve and piping design criteria.
Cadmium Safety AwarenessAny and all Cadmium compounds
Arsenic Safety AwarenessAny Arsenic compounds
Mercury Safety AwarenessAny and all Mercury compounds including liquid metal
Methylene Chloride or Dichloromethane Safety AwarenessDichloromethane or Methylene Chloride and other carcenogens