Safety Forms


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Safety Forms

Below are several safety forms that are available for your needs.

Safety Forms
Document NameDescriptionLink
Jett Hall Lab CommissioningStudent/Faculty/Staff use this as Approval to work in Jett Hall Labs Jett Hall 289 Researcher Commissioning Checklist
COE Lab Decommissioning FormAll researchers, faculty and staff use this form to complete their work. Also applies to decommissioning an entire lab for move out or closeureNMSU COE Decommissioning Certification_jgm 16Jan2018
Spill ReportUse this form to document a spill and how it was cleaned up
Near Miss Incident that occurred but didn't hurt anyone. Document to fix before it happens again. NMSU NearMiss-SupvIncidentReport
Minors in LabsUse this fillable form to document minors in labsMinors in Labs Request Form
Working AloneUse this fillable form to request an exception to the working alone policy
ESP CHMEESP Template for Chemical EngineeringCHME_ESP_180806
NMSU Lab Hazard ChecklistChecklist required for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Laser HazardsNMSU Lab Hazard Assessment Checklist
ESP CEESP Template for Civil EngineeringCE_ESP_May2018
ESP EEESP Template for Electrical EngineeringEE_ESP_May2018
ESP MAEESP Template for Mechanical and Aerospace EngineeringMAE_ESP_Template_Feb2018
ESP IEESP Template for Industrial EngineeringIE_ESP_Aug2018
COE Lab Hazard ChecklistRequired for physical hazards such as machine, electrical, batteries etc. Three formats available. COE Lab Hazard Checklist PDF
COE Lab Hazard Checklist Excel xlxs
COE Lab Hazard Checklist Excel 2003
ESP ExampleExample ESP developed for WERC Design ContestWERC_ESP_Dec2017_Example_CYA Water Hardness
Chemical Special Order AuthorizationOrder Chemicals not approved on ESP - approval needed Chemical Order Special Authorization
Eye Wash Inspection GuideHow to inspect an eyewash staioneyewsh-shwr_eval-15
Eye Wash Record FormDocument when you did the inspectioneyewsh-shwr_insp_record
Lab Self Inspection GuideWhat to look for in a lab inspectionNMSU2015LabSafetyInspectGuide
Lab Self Inspection FormDocument your inspection resultsNMSU2014-LabInspectFrm


Risk Analysis Forms

All risk assessments will be conducted by either COE Safety, or in some cases NMSU EHS, to analyze hazards and determine any mitigation for those hazards based on the risk.

Users will be required to participate to ensure a thorough understanding of the process, methods, techniques are documented.

Kettlecorn Hazard Risk Assessment Example

Method Resources
What If MS Word Format
FMEA Excel Spreadsheet Format
HAZOP HAZOP+ program from Isograph used