ESP Queue and Resources

As part of your research in College of Engineering Labs, you are required to fill out an Experimental Safety Plan (ESP). These forms tend to look a bit daunting but they serve a very important purpose. They allow the COE Safety Specialist to review the basis of your experimental work and determine if there are hazards that need to be addressed. You may meed additional training or personal protective equipment (PPE) for your work. Or you may be trying to perform a task that is dangerous such as unstable/explosive, highly flammable, electrocution or electrical shock, fall or falling objects etc. And please do not assume that there are NO risks associated with your experiment and everything is safe. Almost everything has some sort of risk to your health and safety. Simple accidents like slips/trips/falls at ground level have caused serious injuries and getting chips/sparks/splashes in your eyes can cause lifelong vision problems.

So, let’s review your safety using an Experimental Safety Plan. If you don’t know exactly where your research will lead, then put in what you know at present. Then you need to revise it as your work  proceeds. Especially when you add chemicals, change materials or equipment to improve your approach. Below are links to the most current ESP templates and examples that you can download to follow. If you have questions about any of this, please call or email Juanita Miller, COE Safety, or 575-646-1292. I will be happy to meet with you and help you fill out this form !

If you have submitted an ESP and want to know the status of the approval, you can check the table below.

ESP Queue
ESP #RevTitlePIResearcherStatus
CHME-2019-00130Evaluate Flow Cytometer efficiency by MESF approachHoustonKelsey HayesApproved
CHME-2019-00180Drying and Ashing of Plant Material Contaminated with RadionuclidesBrewerAlexandra AlvarezApproved
CHME-2019-00170High Temperature High Pressure Reactor for Metal OxideLuoWei TangComments Sent
CHME-2019-00210Uranium and Radium Ion ExchangeBrewerKaren Sanchez/Esai LopezWaiting Changes - Brewer
CHME-2019-00250Home BrewingBrewerStephen TaylorApproved
CHME-2019-0029014C NMDA Column StudiesBrewerKailey GarlandApproved
CHME-2019-00310NMSBrew BrewhouseBrewerStephen TaylorComments Sent
0NMSBrew KeggingBrewerStephen TaylorComments Sent
CHME-2014-0001FUF Membrane PreparationFoudaziSarah QaviApproved
CHME-2019-0012AQuantitative Measurement of Fluorescent LifetimgHoustonFelicia RodriguezApproved
CHME-2019-0013DHops 13 AnalysisBrewerHanah RheayApproved
CHME-2019-00340Hops 4 Moisture Content AnalysisBrewerHanah RheayApproved
CHME-2019-00350PFAS SeparationFoudaiZahra AbbasianApproved
CE-2019-00090Stability experiment of Ion-Exchange MembranesPei XuTanziha TasnimIn Review
CE-2019-00070Worms Grown for Soil TestingCortezSaeedeh NaziriIn Review
SOPsRevVarious TitlesHoustonJesse SambroComments Sent
ESP Templates & Examples
CHMEChemical Engineering Research and Demonstrations CHME_ESP_190716
MAEMechanical and Aerospace Research and DemonstrationsMAE_ESP_16July2019
CECivil Engineering Research and DemonstrationsCE_ESP_16July2019
EEElectrical Engineering Research and DemonstrationsEE_ESP_16July2019
IEIndustrial Engineering Research and DemonstrationsIE_ESP_16July2019
AIS/ETAggie Innovation Space/Engineering Technology Experiments and DemonstationsAISET_ESP_Template_16July2019
WERCWERC Hardcopy for Design Contest - see online form WERC_ESP_16July2019
Example #1Example ESP for CYA Water Hardness ExperimentWERC_ESP_Dec2017_Example_CYA Water Hardness_A
NMSU Job Hazard Assessment ESP Checklist for Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Laser and Physical Safety Hazards, Default for all ESPsNMSU Lab Hazard Assessment Checklist
COE Physical Only Hazards JHACOE Job Hazard Assessment for only physical hazards, Use as directed by COE SafetyCOE Lab Hazard Checklist