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Wednesday March 7th
Guest Speaker from “Superior Glove Company”
Two Presentations hosted by COE Safety
Free and All Are Welcome

NMSU Student/Faculty Presentation, 1-2:30 pm, Jett Hall Room 113 – Glove products and “The Foundation of a Strong Safety Culture”

  • Want to know more about what elements make a great safety culture?
  • Ever heard of the Ripple Effect?
  • How does safety culture and the way we approach hand and arm safety play into our success in the safety world?
  • Do you like learning through games in a high interactive environment?
  • Ever wondered what it would be like to operate without the use of your hands?


ASSE Zia Section Professional Meeting, 6:00 – 7:30 pm, Branigan Library in Las Cruces – Glove products and “Working with Multi-generations …”

  • Do you ever wonder why it’s easier to get along with some generations and harder with others?
  • Want to learn more about how to interact with people from all five generations?
  • Can we bridge the generational gap between all the generations that can be present in the workplace?
  • Want to test your knowledge about stereotypes in the workforce regarding the five generations?
  • Do you want to learn effective methods to dealing with managers who come from a different generation?
  • Do you enjoy winning free prizes?

You can sign up at the following Eventbrite Links to reserve your seat –>

03/07 (NMSU, Jett Hall Room 113) 1:00 – 2:30pm 


03/07 (ASSE Meeting, Thomas Branigan Library) 6:00 – 7:30 pm

The Case of the Non-Electric Sign Electrocution

Jun 19, 2015  Sarosh Patel and Lawrence Hmurcik | Electrical Construction and Maintenance

When a four-man crew took on the installation of two non-electric advertising signs for an automobile repair shop, the threat of electrical hazards seemed virtually nonexistent. Ironically, though, it was electricity that ultimately turned the day into a tragedy — only two workers walked away from the job unscathed, a third suffered serious injuries, and a fourth lost his life.

Non-Electric Sign Electrocution ECM Article

Setting the stage

During the process of putting up two non-electric advertising signs that were approximately 30 ft long, 4 ft wide, and positioned approximately 15 ft above ground, the crew bolted the first sign in place piece by piece without incident. Bolting the second sign in place in the same fashion, the workers installed it on the side of the building near a 13kV utility line that serviced businesses in the neighborhood.

Because the elevated position of the signs, the workers used a 1975 Ford bucket truck with a boom attached. One man (on the ground) operated the boom in which another was standing. He called out instructions to his partner to make sign adjustments here and there before advising him to securely bolt it into the building’s concrete/cinder block wall. A third man was positioned on the roof on which the sign was being mounted. His job was to feed the installer pieces of the sign as well as bolts, hardware, and tools. Read More …

Safety News from 01/15/16

Brazil fire: Explosion unleashes toxic gas in Santos

January 15, 2016,

Brazil Port Fire 15Jan2016Wouldn’t it be a great improvement if Process Safety Management were implemented and followed the world over? A huge explosion at a port in Brazil has many people in the area confined inside until the fire burns out and the toxic dust settles. The BBC report is that “A spokeswoman for the company, which exports chemicals used for refrigeration and general cargo, said the containers were filled with chloric acid and sodium dichloroisocyanurate – a cleaning and disinfectant agent.” and “Firefighters said rainwater had seeped into the containers causing a chemical reaction.” Read more

Safety News from 01/02/16

Again proving why machine guarding is critical to protecting worker safety

The printing industry is not viewed as a highly hazardous environment. But rotating machines coupled with frequent jamming issues, then people tend to put their hands and other body parts where they don’t belong. This envelope manufacturing company had several incidents which lead to serious hand injury and amputations. Upon inspection OSHA sited them for both willful and serious violations for failing to protect employees from injury and leading to a hefty fine.  Read more:

Safety News from 11/04/15

Yet Another Nightclub Fire – Overcrowded and Pyrotechnic Display Gone Wrong

A nightclub fire in Romina last night killed 32 and injured over 180 in an overcrowded venue with insufficient exits and a rock band setting off pyrotechnics inside the club. (Read More) This is reminiscent of the 2003 Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island, USA. That incident killed 100 and injured 230 with similar circumstances. A band was using pyrotechnics on the stage and sparks ignited wall coverings. Remarkably the fire built very fast leaving the fans very little time to escape. It was later discovered that several of the exits at the nightclub in Rhode Island were blocked to prevent people slipping in without paying. Hence several exits were not available when needed. This shows that everyone should be diligent in surveying the surroundings when attending public functions. Identify where the exits are and don’t delay making an exit if something bad is occurring. Video footage from the Station Nightclub Fire (warning graphic)