Yet Another Nightclub Fire – Overcrowded and Pyrotechnic Display Gone Wrong

A nightclub fire in Romina last night killed 32 and injured over 180 in an overcrowded venue with insufficient exits and a rock band setting off pyrotechnics inside the club. (Read More) This is reminiscent of the 2003 Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island, USA. That incident killed 100 and injured 230 with similar circumstances. A band was using pyrotechnics on the stage and sparks ignited wall coverings. Remarkably the fire built very fast leaving the fans very little time to escape. It was later discovered that several of the exits at the nightclub in Rhode Island were blocked to prevent people slipping in without paying. Hence several exits were not available when needed. This shows that everyone should be diligent in surveying the surroundings when attending public functions. Identify where the exits are and don’t delay making an exit if something bad is occurring. Video footage from the Station Nightclub Fire (warning graphic)

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