Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)


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The following is a list of SOP documents common to the College of Engineering. Individual departments and researchers also develop SOPs that are customized to the process or equipment they are using.

Document NumberTitlePrimary User
COE-SOP-0001Chemical Fume Hood OperationCOE Fume Hood OperationCHME & MAE
COE-SOP-0002Laboratory Commissioning RequirementsCOE-SOP-0002 Laboratory Researcher Commissioning RequirementsCHME
COE-SOP-0003Boss HP2436 Laser CutterAIS/ET
COE-SOP-0004Fume Hood Ventilation Testing ProcedureCOE All
COE-SOP-0005Glass Washer Operation CHME
COE-SOP-0006Autoclave OperationCHME
COE-SOP-0007Nanosafety Cabinet OperationCHME
COE-SOP-0008Roof AccessEE & CE
COE-SOP-0009CNC Router TableAIS & ET
Document NumberTitlePrimary User