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Safety Stories

7 Reasons Why Workplace Safety is so Important (Source: MFASCO Health + Safety): Why is workplace safety so important?  There is more to this question than you think.  In a day and age where people still get injured on the job, you would think safety would be a banner held high by everyone, but unfortunately it isn’t….
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Safety Standards – News Releases

Long-awaited dropped object standard approved by ANSI – Source Industrial Safety and Hygiene News (ISHN), July 17, 2018 The standard comes in response to the thousands of workers each year in the U.S. who are injured — and the hundreds who die — from being struck by a falling object, such as hand tools, instrumentation,…
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Free Safety Webinars

As I find some interesting free webinars I will post them here. Some are not as applicable for early career people but you gain knowledge even by listening to something pretty advanced.  

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