Documents and Forms

Everyone needs their PPE (photo from

Everyone needs their PPE (photo from

Many documents, forms and references may be found by looking here
such as lab self-inspection, decommissioning etc.
Other forms and information can be found at NMSU Environmental Health and Safety (ESH) website

College of Engineering Documents:

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP): College of Engineering CHP_RevA_15Dec2015
CHP Appendix D: Appendix D_Emergency Action Plans

Safety Equipment Inspection

Eyewash Inspection Form: eyewsh-shwr_eval-15
Eyewash Records: eyewsh-shwr_insp_record
Lab Self Inspection Guide: NMSU2015LabSafetyInspectGuide
Lab Self Inspection Form: NMSU2014-LabInspectFrm

Facility Repair, Decommissioning and Transfer of Labs

COE Lab Decommissioning Certificate:


Near Miss and Incident Reporting

NMSU Near Miss Incident Form

Risk Analysis & Evaluation

NMSU hazardassessmentchecklist_lab-ppe-selection1 – Attach to all ESP Documents

Example Risk Analysis – Kettle Corn Manufacture

Chemical Special Ordering

Chemical Order Special Authorization


Please fill out the online form if you want to use the COE BBQ Grill and make an appointment with me for check out and return. Currently the propane bottles are stored off site at Wells Hall. You will need to transport them over to your event, install them on the grill and return them to Wells Hall when the event is finished. We are NOT allowed to store Propane Bottles inside per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.110(b)(6).

Online Request Forms

BBQ Grill Request Form

Tracking of BBQ grill users and condition of the equipment upon checkout and return
  • Groups wishing to use the College of Engineering BBQ Grill must complete this form along with required checkout and return tasks shown here. Be advised that the Propane Bottle(s) are currently stored off site at Wells Hall. The organization will have to transport the bottle to the event and return it when the event is over. We are NOT allowed to store Propane Bottles inside per OSHA 29 CFR 1910.110(b)(6).
  • Enter your organization name here
  • Give the name of your event here.
  • Give the location or a description of the location here. The COE BBQ Grill is for NMSU on campus functions only.
  • Please give the contact name for your organization. If more that one person will be checking out and returning the grill, list both names here.
  • Please give the contact email for the people in your organization who will check out and return the grill.

Request for Minors Visiting/Working in COE Labs

  • Department hosting minor visitors
  • Give name of faculty/staff member responsible for minor(s)
  • Give name of group or organization affiliated with minor. If student is co-op or work study, please list their high school school name.
  • Give teacher, advisor or chaperone name from school or organization
  • Give an emergency contact number for the school or organization
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 50.
    Give the number of minors in the group
  • Give the grade level of the minor(s) visiting
  • List date(s) of minors visiting. If co-op or work study list start date.
  • List all lab room numbers to visit
  • If the lab room number is not shown, please give the new location here so we can arrange an inspection
  • Give the general type of activity. Here we assume that a workshop will be supervised and conducted over several hours. A co-op or work study student will be given special training and/or be shown in an Experimental Safety Plan
  • If the minor requires special accommodations, please describe here. If the minor is co-op or work study, please describe how their work will be supervised and what training they will receive. If they are shown in an ESP, please list it here.