Online Request Forms

Here are some required forms that can be submitted online.





You will be contacted to discuss this request. Depending on the nature of the activities, you may be asked to participate in a risk assessment to determine if the activities are appropriate for minors.

Request for Minors Visiting/Working in COE Labs

  • Department hosting minor visitors
  • Give name of faculty/staff member responsible for minor(s)
  • Give name of group or organization affiliated with minor. If student is co-op or work study, please list their school name.
  • Give teacher, advisor or chaperone name from school or organization
  • Give an emergency contact number for the school or organization
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 50.
    Give the number of minors in the group
  • Give the grade level of the minor(s) visiting
  • List date(s) of minors visiting. If research work study, list start date.
  • List the building and room number(s) of any activities where the minor will be participating.
  • Give the general type of activity. Here we assume that a workshop will be supervised and conducted over several hours. A research work study student will be given special training and/or be shown in an Experimental Safety Plan
  • Give details of the activities the minor will perform and how they will be supervised. If there are multiple activities or multiple times/days, attach a summary file in the next field.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, jpg.
    If minors will be participating in activities for multiple days or times, submit a summary file with descriptions of each activity, location and times.


Working Alone Exception Request

Use this form to request an exception to the Working Alone Policy
  • Give details of where the person will be working alone
  • Give the full name of the student researcher or other worker requesting permission to work alone
  • Give a detailed description of this research including grant and/or project names
  • Give the Experimental Safety Plan (ESP) Number. Write NONE if no ESP exists.
  • Give specific details of which activities a researcher or work wants to perform while alone or in isolation.
  • Give a justification why these activities cannot be performed during regular hours (i.e. process running 24 hours, test cycle requires 12 hours to complete etc.)
  • List start date the researcher plans to work alone
  • List the end date the researcher plans to work alone
  • List the specific days of week planned for working alone
  • :
    List the approximate start time for working alone
  • :
    List the approximate end time for working alone
  • Give a description of the area and how accessible it is (i.e. equipment set up on roof of EC2 building, regular door and stairway access)
  • Describe any hazards involved with the activity or in the general area (i.e. operating machines, high pressure or, low temperature process, vectors such as snakes, scorpions, poisonous plants etc.)
  • List any safety equipment present in the area or preparations for safety response available (i.e. eye wash, fire extinguishers, distance to remote fire rescue etc.)