Online Request Forms

form_cartoon2Here are some useful forms. Some can be submitted online.





Request for Minors Visiting/Working in COE Labs

  • Department hosting minor visitors
  • Give name of faculty/staff member responsible for minor(s)
  • Give name of group or organization affiliated with minor. If student is co-op or work study, please list their high school school name.
  • Give teacher, advisor or chaperone name from school or organization
  • Give an emergency contact number for the school or organization
  • Please enter a value between 0 and 50.
    Give the number of minors in the group
  • Give the grade level of the minor(s) visiting
  • List date(s) of minors visiting. If co-op or work study list start date.
  • List all lab room numbers to visit
  • If the lab room number is not shown, please give the new location here so we can arrange an inspection
  • Give the general type of activity. Here we assume that a workshop will be supervised and conducted over several hours. A co-op or work study student will be given special training and/or be shown in an Experimental Safety Plan
  • If the minor requires special accommodations, please describe here. If the minor is co-op or work study, please describe how their work will be supervised and what training they will receive. If they are shown in an ESP, please list it here.